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I am constantly creating new content, content that is designed to help people, people like you. Luckily, I also have a large portfolio of clients that I’m proud to create content for too.

However, creating content can be daunting. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve sat at my desk, staring into space, wondering what I should be creating next. What should I be putting in front of my audience? What would they like to see today?


Somewhere out there, probably on a social media platform, you’ve seen one of my videos and clicked far enough into my world to grab yourself this digital copy of my book. What I’d like to do in return is give your creativity a helping hand by offering these 101 examples of marketing videos that have worked time and time again for businesses and organisations all over the world.


Videos that you have the ability, right now, to create for yourself.


Before you begin filling your mind with new video marketing adventures, let me first clarify something important. Everything I teach, regarding creating and optimising marketing videos, follows a strict three-pronged attack:

  • Identify your avatar
  • Create your content
  • Publish and optimise it to get views


This book only suggests ideas that fit within the ‘B’ category – creating your content.

To truly create a video marketing campaign that works you need to create content designed for your avatar. By this I mean that you need to picture your ideal client clearly in your mind. Who are they? How can you help them? Where do they hang out? How can you create content that resonates with them?


Once you have this picture firmly in your head, go about creating one or more of the examples featured within this book.


You can create every example shown using only a smartphone and laptop, if that’s all you have.


Aside from the first example being ‘Introduce you and your organisation’ and the last example being ‘Thank you’, the rest of the examples are scattered throughout this book in no particular order at all. I had considered grouping some of the video topics together but discounted it early in the process because the best way to get a creative kick of inspiration is to immerse yourself into a random world, a world that surprises you at each step of the way.


My advice would be to read through them all, think about how each one could benefit you or your organisation and discount the ones that don’t fit. Then pick up your camera or smartphone and start filming. Start right away and post your creation on your chosen social media site. See what it does, notice the interactions it gets, then create another one.


Celebrate the wins and study the failures. Experiment and build your confidence and you’ll soon begin to understand why video marketing is so important, and how you can refine what you do to attract an audience and build your business.

101 Marketing Videos you can make Right Now! eBook

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